Bathroom Repairs


Leaking and dripping faucets can be very irritating to live with. We can fix that leak for you, which will save you aggravation as well as money on your water bill! We also can install new faucets for you if you wish.


If your bathroom lighting is too dim, or if it’s broken in any way, we can fix or replace it.


We repair any kind of leak, indoors or out. In the bathroom, those usually consist of leaky faucets, toilets or showerheads.


If your grout is cracking or coming loose, or just plain dirty, we’ll remove the old and replace it with shiny new grout. If you just want a new color, we can apply an epoxy color finish over the existing grout – or replace the old stuff entirely! If your grout is cracked or tiles are falling out of your tub or shower, it’s important to get this fixed before major water damage sets in, or mold starts growing behind the walls.  We use high quality sealers on all grout installs and repairs to keep your grout beautiful and water tight..

Shower Doors

Sticky, hard-to-slide shower doors are no fun.  But when we’re done, they glide like they’re brand new.  If you’d like your shower door replaced, we can do that too.


We’ll repair loose, cracked and broken tiles.  In a wet area like the bathroom or kitchen, any of these conditions can cause water damage behind the tile, and can promote mold growth in your home – a very nasty and unhealthy prospect.


At Handyman, we can repair most toilets. What are your toilet’s symptoms? We can cure them all.

  • Does your toilet never stop running?
  • Does your toilet need a little jiggle?
  • Is your toilet leaking from the tank, bowl, or shut off valve?
  • Is your toilet rocking?
  • Is the caulking on your toilet bowl looking warn or flaking off?
  • Do you want a green (more energy effecient) toilet?
  • Do you need a handicap accessible toilet (ADA) for added safety or comfort?