Ice Dam Removal

At Handyman A1, we have 2 options for Ice Dam removal: With both options we remove snow in problem areas a minimum of 6 feet above the fascia or gutter.

  • Create channels for the water to escape using an electric chisel and salt.
  • Steam Ice DamUse hot steam for removal with guarantee to prevent additional shingle damage.

Ice dams can cause water damage to ceilings, walls, floors; they can rot your window and door frames; cause mold to grow in attics and walls. Ice dams are generally caused by lack of insulation or lack of ventilation. Weather alone can cause Ice Dams on a well-insulated and ventilated roof. Rain/snow mix; continuous freezing and thawing; days above freezing and nights below freezing are all additional ways for ice dams to form. At Handyman A1 Services we will temporarily remove the ice dam threat and minimize damage. Then we can assess the cause, and recommend a solution to prevent future ice dams. Servicing the entire Twin Cities Metro and Suburbs.