Windows and Doors

Window ReplacementWindow Repair

Cracked or broken windows need immediate attention, so call Handyman A1 and we’ll get them repaired right away.¬†We can replace glass by glazing in a new pane, or we can replace the entire window if needed.

Screen Repair

We replace ripped and damaged screens. Windows, doors, and screen porches too. We can replace the screens with fiberglass material or a more durable metal screen in most cases.

Sliding Doors

A sticky or hard to slide patio door can be very frustrating. We can make them glide like new in most cases. We can also adjust your patio door locking mechanism so it actually works again! Give us a call today.

Weather Stripping

Over time weather stripping gets ripped, compressed, or it hardens. We can remove and replace your old worn out weather stripping with new, more efficient protection from the elements on both your doors and windows. We also install side and bottom weather stripping on garage doors too.

Door Locks

Having problems with one of your door locks? We can repair or replace most door locks for you.